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Our Services:

Custom Black and White Film Developing:


Black and white film of all sizes from 35 mm to large format; push and pull processing to specification; high quality care; all film stays in house.


Darkroom and Digital Printing:

Black-and-white darkroom and color and black-and-white digital printing. Regular, commercial-quality and museum-quality prints; RC and archival fiber paper; cropped, burned and dodged to specification or to enhance quality of the image.
Scanning & Copy Prints:

We can make duplicates of original photographs, slides, negatives or original artwork. Image transfer can be made onto negatives, transparencies and/or CDs; with enhanced or repaired digital recording of collections.

  Restoration and Enhancement:    

Extreme image restoration and information recovery; e.g., historical image data (photos and documents); cosmetic retouching of portraits; image manipulation and editing.

Combined application of darkroom and digital technology to restore and enhance original photographs and create new negatives, files and/or prints in color or black-and-white.

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