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Joe Muir, who founded Black and White Image in 1989, first printed at age five in the darkroom of his father, a commercial photographer. Joe advanced his expertise in all areas of custom darkroom printing, as well as manual airbrush restoration of damaged antique photographs. Later Joe worked as sole photographic assistant and printer for Berenice Abbott.

Joe welcomed the opportunity, in 1995, to incorporate the image refinements made possible by digital technology. Added to skills developed and refined over years in the wet darkroom, digital technology has allowed Joe to offer his clients more options that could not be achieved in the traditional darkroom. Joe skillfully applies a combination of darkroom and digital techniques to produce the best results in each individual image.

Joe has applied his artistic and technical printing expertise to produce exhibition prints for fine art photographers including George Daniell, Verner Reed, Barbara Goodbody and Judy Glickman. Joe has been commissioned by galleries to print the work of Todd Webb and Berenice Abbott.

In restoration and printing enlargements of historical photographs and documents, Joe's work has graced the exhibit and book "Memories of a Maine Island", "Images of Arctic People", and exhibits for the Maine Holocaust Museum and the Portland Museum of Art.

In addition to fine art printing, Joe has established a strong reputation among advertising agencies, design firms and magazines, printing for publications including Downeast and Portland Magazine.

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